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Gossip Girl: The Carlyles

I loved Gossip Girl, The Carlyes.  It was a fresh and entertaining new way to start off a whole new branch of Gossip Girl books.  The characters were fun, intriguing, and I never felt that I didn’t know them well.  I recommended it to all of my friends!

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The Year of Disappearances


Ariella is a half-human, half-vampire fourteen-year-old teenager.  Like everyone else her age, she just wants to fit in.  This is not easy to do—everyone she befriends seems to be murdered, or disappear.  Ari wants to find out why.  After her best friend is killed, she runs away to Florida, hoping to get a chance at a new life.  Complications occur there, and soon more people disappear.  Mysterious characters pop in and out, and make the plot more complicated.  Ari is determined to find out the cause and reason for the disappearances, before she is next!


For starters, I did not know this was a sequel when I was reading it.  If I had known this in the beginning, probably would have enjoyed it a little more, and not been so critical while reading it.  I didn’t understand where some of the references came from, but now that I know it’s a sequel, I understand that the author was not being vague—I just hadn’t read the first book.  Honestly, I cannot give a good review of this book, because I haven’t read the first one (The Society of S).  If read by itself, it was not very good, but it might be amazing if read with it’s partner.  I am very backed up with things to read right now, so if anyone does happen to do this, please let me know your opinion! 

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I’m Back!

Hi everyone!! 

I’m back, finally.  These past few weeks have been absolutely horrible– a technological nightmare.  I have so many books that I have been reading, and so many to read.  I thought that I would list them here, in 2 columns (1st column “Read” and 2nd column “To Read”).  I will post as many reviews as possible in the coming weeks, but that is going to be whether or not just how busy I am.  So!  Onto the first column…

Pending Reviews (I’m finished reading these, and have reviews.  They will be posted periodically.)

  1. Bewitching Season, by Marissa Doyle
  2. Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  3. Perfect You, by Elizabeth Scott
  4. Chill, by Deborah Reber
  5. The Interns Fashionistas, by Chloe Walsh
  6. The Luxe, Anna Godbersen
  7. Wake, Lisa McMann

Pending Reads

  1. Stella Stands Alone,  A. LaFaye
  2. The Underneath, by Kathi Appelt
  3. My Summer on Earth, by Tom Lombardi
  4. Ambition, Kate Brian
  5. Peter Pan in Scarlet, by Geraldine McCaughrean
  6. The Host, by Stephenie Meyer

The order of the books has no effect on the order in which the reviews will be posted.  I keep getting new books everyday (or so it seems), so there will definitely be new books added into the mix.  Again, if you are a publisher, author, or a librarian who would like me to read and review a book in your possession, please e-mail me at:

Coming in less then 2 minutes away (or more, depending on how fast I can get the picture), a blurb of ‘Bewitching Season’!!

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La Petite Four

By Regina Scott


Set back in a time when girls were the sole property of men, a group of four girls tries to change that.  Called “La Petite Four”, the feisty group leader is named Emily… and she is engaged to a horrid fellow.  Her three friends, Priscilla, Ariadne, and Daphne, will do anything to help Emily, and they make it their goal to see Emily to her coming out Ball.  With clever plot twists, spying, and debonair courtiers, this book will keep you reading until the end!


Regina Scott proves her knowledge of this time period in this piece.  Creatively written, this book didn’t end the way I thought it would, which gave it many plot twists.  Although the girls acted in ways I am quite positive girls of their time would have never acted, it was still a fun read.  The characters were a little unreal at times, but that is what made it fun.  Definitely falling under the category “beach read”, I would recommend this book for the girls waiting for the next Luxe book to come out… this will satisfy your hunger for the wait. 

Out in bookstores 5/1/08.


Scale (1-10): 7 

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Lock and Key


By Sarah Dessen


Ruby has been living alone for the past 2 months.  Her mother just up and left one day—leaving Ruby to fend for herself.  Oddly enough, though, Ruby finds this turn of events not unfortunate, but liberating.  So when the police come to collect her—and send her to her sister Cora’s house—Ruby is NOT very appreciative.  While adjusting to her new, perfect, fairy-tale-come-true lifestyle, there are many ups and downs Ruby experiences.  This lovely novel takes us through the troublesome times, the emotional times, and the growing up times of Ruby, all while she still carries the key from the Yellow House of her past. 


I really don’t feel very professional saying this, but….  This book was amazing, everyone in the world (at least all the teenage girls) should go out and buy this book as soon as it hits the shelves (4/17/08)!  It is my new favorite breaking into the top five (which is very hard to do in my book), and I loved it.  Plain and simple.  I honestly can’t really say anything more about this! 


Scale (1-10): 10

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 by Alexa Young

 At Seaview Middle School, in San Diego, Halley Brandon and Avalon Greene, also known as Halvalon, are the best friends that rule the school. They are in the fashion fast lane, with countless designer brands, and are headed straight to the top, starting with a major bash, Friendapalooza! But over the summer, Halley attended an art school, and made some new friends. Now, back at SMS for their final year, they are growing apart. Avalon doesn’t approve of Halley’s friends, nor does Halley like Avalon’s. They both decide to break off their friendship, but they can’t cancel the party. So, as they fight over who gets what, and how to share their dog, Pucci, they run into many difficulties. When their moms threaten tot cancel the party if they don’t start getting along, will they be able to work out their differences, or will these two best friends turn in to mortal ‘frienemies’?

I found this book very interesting, as it correlates directly to middle-schoolers of this generation. However, I was slightly disappointed in the fact that the story was not as realistic as I would have hoped. The girls in the story were put into unrealistic situations, and were extremely wealthy, with closets full of designer labels. Another thing was that it ended very abruptly, like there was supposed to be another chapter, or a sequel to tie things up. It left you with many questions, and it gets you thinking whether or not the author wanted it this way, or did not know how to finish the book. But other than those facts, I mostly enjoyed the book. It was a nice story line, and it did not have a happy, Disney-ending, which was nice to see in a book. Overall, it was an okay book. I would recommend this book to eighth grade and up, for mild teen content.

Release date: 5/13/08

scale (1-10): 7

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The Curse of Addy McMahon


by Katie Davis 

There’s a curse on Addy McMahon. But only Addy believes it. Her mom has a new live-in boyfriend, who constantly critiques her writing, and the meanest girl in the sixth grade saw her buying a training bra. Addy’s only escape used to be her father, but since he passed away, Addy has turned to writing. Mostly she writes interviews; about the milkman, the principal of her school, and even the mayor! But sometimes, Addy writes to get her feelings out, in her autobiograstrip (autobiography-comic strip). When she writes a particularly mean one about her best friend, and accidentally sends it to her, she loses her friend, and is shunned by her classmates. Will Addy lost her best friend forever?

Although the book was much more different than I had expected, I still enjoyed the story a lot. I have to admit that it was a little funny, reading about people younger than me, but I could relate to her in the sense that I love to write. I sometimes find it difficult, just like Addy, and have, actually, lost my best friend in a way almost identical to the way Addy lost Jackie. I recommend this book to all 5th and 6th graders, as well as young people going into 7th grade.

Release Date: May 2008

scale (1-10): 7

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The Juliet Club

The Juliet Club (no image currently) 

By Suzanne Harper 

When three American win a contest to journey to Italy for the summer, they are thrilled.  All of their entries in a Shakespeare contest won them this fantastic opportunity to go to Verona—the very place Romeo and Juliet is set!  Upon their arrival, they meet the other winners, and begin the trip with a bang.  Kate Sanderson, who has had a hard love life, decides that under no circumstances will she fall in love.  Lucy Atwell, the Southern belle, wants the opposite.  With three boys and three girls, the matchmaking probabilities are endless.  Because all of the students taking the seminar are to become members of the Juliet Club, they might just discover the true meaning of love and what’s it’s worth… this is a tale of eaves-dropping, romantic misadventures, and, most importantly, Shakespeare.   

I was very excited to read this book by Suzanne Harper… she wrote The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney, which I enjoyed very much.  This book did not disappoint me—I enjoyed it as much as I did The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney.  The Shakespeare aspect is what really made the book unique.  The only thing is that, like most contemporary novels, the characters seemed to be superficial at times.  The plot was sometimes predictable, but at others it took me off guard.  I enjoyed this book as a nice beach read… one to be devoured in one sitting.  Suzanne Harper did her best to capture the lovely Verona, Italy, and she championed. 

Book release: June 2008  

Scale (1-10): 7   

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City of Ashes


By Cassandra Clare  

In a sequel to the action-packed fantasy City of Bones, Clary is back, with more bite then ever.  Her mother is still in a dreadful coma, her brother Jace is ignoring her, and Simon is becoming more then just a friend.  Clary is also being immersed in questions—why is Jace avoiding her?  Where is her father Valentine, and what is he up to?  Will her mother ever wake up?  Is Simon jealous of her and Jace?  Clary starts to ask herself all of these questions, when something terrible happens to Simon.  Event after event unfolds, and Clary finds out that Valentine is building something terrible to destroy everything her life revolves around… can she find the courage to stop him?  This story has plenty of shadow-hunting, demons, vampires, werewolves, faeries, and, of course, romance. 

I typically don’t like “contemporary fantasy”.  But after reading the first book City of Bones, I had to read more.  Cassandra Clare breathes life into everyday problems, and adds demons to the equation.  Beginning exactly where City of Bones left off, City of Ashes was everywhere.  Towards the middle of the book, there was a slow section, but almost immediately after I got swept up in the river of events.  Unique, entertaining, and leaving a major cliff-hanger at the end, City of Ashes is one of the must-read stories of the New Year.  If you enjoyed Holly Black’s Valiant, you’ll love these books! 

(This book hits the shelves April 2008)

scale (1-10): 8

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By Alice Hoffman 

Set during the Spanish Inquisition, Estrella de Madrigal was the average happy-go-lucky Christian girl.  She knows who she is—or at least she thought she did.  Estrella has a mother, a grandmother, and even a brother studying to be a priest.  But then a staggering discovery turns her world upside, and the person she loves most tears her life apart.   

Written poetically and lyrically, this book was different. Short and sweet, there was not much a plot, but the story showed the craziness of the times back then.  The book was long enough to explain the feelings of the people, and short enough to hold my attention on the subject.  Overall, I would recommend this book to whoever is learning about the Spanish Inquisition, or just wants to learn a little more about it.  

scale (1-10): 7

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