Posted by: sophiecouture | March 16, 2009

The Two Girls of Gettysburg

the-two-girls-of-gettysburg-largeby Lisa Klein

The bloodiest battle during the Civil War took place in Gettysburg, PA.  In fact, one of the bloodiest and most hateful wars ever to take place in the United States was the Civil War.  Families were torn apart, and our country was effected forever by the war.  The plot of Lisa Klein’s compelling story surrounds two cousins’ lives torn apart from the war.  The one cousin, Lizzie, sides with the North’s cause, while Rosana sides with the South. In addition to being cousins, the two girls are also best friends.  For most of the war, Rosana lives in the South, but will the cousins meet again at Gettysburg?

I have always been a Civil War novel junkie, so I knew when I saw it, I had to read it!  Lisa Klein impressed me with her novel Ophelia, and this book was equally impressive.  I enjoyed the way the perspectives switched from Lizzie and Rosana– Lizzie’s was written in first person while Rosana’s was written in 1st perso diary format.  I’ve never read anything like that, and it spiced the novel up a bit!  I would recommend this book to anyone who LOVES history.


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