Posted by: sophiecouture | March 11, 2009

North of Beautiful

north-ofbeautiful1by Justine Chen Headley

Terra Cooperstands out– but not in the way she wants to.  She’s gorgeous in every way possible (tall, blonde, atheltic), but she has a problem.  From the day Terra was born she has been burdened with an unmistakable blemish on her otherwise flawless face.  A junior in high school, Terra plans to start college a year early, but her father stops her plans.  Sad and depressed, Terra meets Jacob– a boy who stands out like her also, although in a different way.  Terra has to try and figure out how to get her life back on track the way she wanted it to be.  Can she do it?

I loved this book.  I’ve always struggled with facial blemishes similar to Terra’s, and was able to relate to her story.  Justina Chen Headley’s first novel “Girl Overboard” had me entralled before, and this novel had me again.  I recommend this to everyone!


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