Posted by: sophiecouture | September 19, 2008

The Revolution of Sabine

By Beth Ain Levine


Change is in the air in France during the late 1700’s.  French aristocracy is feeling the alterations…. And so is young Sabine.  The year she is supposed to be “coming out” she is hit by some revolutionary ideas.  Her mother has finally pushed her too far, and she finds comfort in going to the local saloon where she can let down her hair and discuss politics like a person.  Then she meets Michael…. A revolutionist with plans.  Can Sabine overcome her dictated life? 


This book was passively good.  I enjoyed it, to a certain extent.  It was a very quick read, and I felt it could have been taken out to a larger level.   This is my only problem with the book, though.  It was very well written, and Levin had very good information about the time period.  I liked how everything tied together in the end.  All in all, I thought this book was satisfactory.  It’s a good read for anyone interested in that time frame, with a good story attached. 


                                                                                                                                         Scale (1-10): 7


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