Posted by: sophiecouture | July 4, 2008


By Randi Reisfeld


Kenzie Cross became way famous way fast—which can be a bad thing when you’re only 19 years old.  Swept up in the whirl of Hollywood, she hits all of the major important parties.  Hollywood parties, crazy insane out of control parties, are not a good thing for a young actress to be exposed to.  Everything Kenzie has always dreamed of is finally coming true—she even just landed the lead in a new movie.  But when her partying gets out of control, her new director puts his foot down.  This means rehab.  Even though she’s sent there by “blackmail” (or so Kenzie claims), maybe Kenzie can pull through and survive.  Heck, she might even end up liking rehab… who da thunk?


I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy this book very much.  Rehab?  Hollywood?  Acting?  Not really my scene.  But from the first line, Randi Reisfeld had me addicted (har-har, that’s a pun, see).  It was a eye opening read, and very thought provoking. There were some adult themes in the book; I would probably NOT let my 13-year-old sister read this.  For teens older though, it is an excellent way to show the bad and dangerous effects of drug and alcohol abuse, but in a fun way where they can relate to the characters.  Loved it!


Scale (1-10): 8.5



  1. I soooo wouldn’t go for these type of books, sadly I’m a “judge a ‘book’ by it’s cover”, but after reading your review, I’ll probably give it a try, sounds good.

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