Posted by: sophiecouture | April 11, 2008

La Petite Four

By Regina Scott


Set back in a time when girls were the sole property of men, a group of four girls tries to change that.  Called “La Petite Four”, the feisty group leader is named Emily… and she is engaged to a horrid fellow.  Her three friends, Priscilla, Ariadne, and Daphne, will do anything to help Emily, and they make it their goal to see Emily to her coming out Ball.  With clever plot twists, spying, and debonair courtiers, this book will keep you reading until the end!


Regina Scott proves her knowledge of this time period in this piece.  Creatively written, this book didn’t end the way I thought it would, which gave it many plot twists.  Although the girls acted in ways I am quite positive girls of their time would have never acted, it was still a fun read.  The characters were a little unreal at times, but that is what made it fun.  Definitely falling under the category “beach read”, I would recommend this book for the girls waiting for the next Luxe book to come out… this will satisfy your hunger for the wait. 

Out in bookstores 5/1/08.


Scale (1-10): 7 



  1. This book sounds really good. You seem to get some great books!!! Lucky:)

  2. I really can’t wait to read this. How’s it compare to The Luxe which I sort of liked but not a whole lot?

  3. It compares in a few ways…
    1) Same time period.
    2) Girls dressed in fancy gowns kick guys butts.
    3) Romance (a little, but not a lot)

    I, personally, did not feel like it was “exactly” like the Luxe, only that it will satisfy your “hunger” for beforethe next one comes out. Almost like when waiting for the next Stephenie Meyer book to come out, you might read a book about vampires.

    I hope I answered your question!!

  4. What I meant was which was better? Writing? Characters?

    I sort of liked The Luxe, especially Diana, but mostly I thought that the writing was stilted and the characters dull, stereotypical, and one-dimensional.

    I guess I wouldn’t consider The Luxe to be “fun” as I had to force myself to read it in the beginning; is La Petite Four a quicker read?

  5. I think that The Luxe was written better and more professionally. La Petite Four was good, but I *personally* liked The Luxe better. Personally.

    La Petite Four was shorter and way easier to read. In The Luxe, I think that the characters were more developed and I gained a better understanding for them.

    Maybe this answers your question now? I should do a review of Luxe and include this.

  6. This sounds so fun!

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